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We care for your hair and skin.
  • 100% Chemical Free Products

  • Suitable for Men, Women and Children

  • Organic Preservatives

  • Suitable for ALL hair types

  • No artificial colouring

  • Made from plants, herbs, seeds and oils

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Stimulates new hair growth, restores elasticity to hair strands

Rose Petals

Softens hair, reduce frizz, add shine.

Coconut Oil

Anti Oxidant, Retains Moisture

Olive Oil

Repair damaged hair


Prevents shedding, Strengthens Hair


Promotes hair growth, reduces dandruff, promotes hair growth


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Rose & Hibiscus Hair Oil 3

"I have a testimony for this oil. I have used it and the first thing I noticed, my hair does not itch any more, the dandruff has gone and the icing on the cake, it has a lovely scent. It also helps moisture my hair longer. Its just the relief I have been waiting for... More updates loading."

Flavia Nalwadda
Clove Hair Growth Oil 2

"Hi AdBelle, the oil is very amazing. I love the smell and it is relazing when you put it on the scalp. My hair line is starting to come back. ..."

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Rose & Hibiscus Hair Oil & Butter 2

"Amazing Product"

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